Laboratory Services


Christian Wheeler Engineering maintains a complete in-house testing laboratory and routinely performs standard testing procedures for soils, concrete, masonry, steel, asphalt and other materials used in construction. Our laboratory has been inspected and accepted by the State of California (Division of the State Architect, DSA) and accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL). In addition, we voluntarily participate in an international laboratory quality assurance program that uses the third-party laboratory inspection services of the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL). The DSA and AASHTO certifications as well as the voluntary CCRL program include laboratory inspections to verify that proper procedures are being applied in the testing and reporting process.


Soil Consolidation (ASTM D2435)   Aggregate Cleanness Value (Cal Test 227)
Soil Direct Shear (ASTM D3080)   Aggregate Durability Index (Cal Test 229)
Soil Expansion Index (ASTM D4829)   Asphalt Concrete Bitumen Content (ASTM D6307)
Soil Gradation, Washed (ASTM D422)   Asphalt Concrete Maximum Unit Weight, (Cal Test 308)
Soil Hydrometer Analysis (ASTM D422)   Asphalt Concrete Max. Theoretical Unit Wt. (ASTM D2041)
Soil Natural Density, Chunks (ASTM D1188)   Concrete Compressive Strength, 4” x 8” (ASTM C39)
Soil Natural Density, Rings (ASTM C2437)   Concrete Masonry Unit Compressive Strength (ASTM C140)
Soil Plastic Index (ASTM D424)   Grout Compressive Strength (ASTM C1019)
Soil Resistance Value (Cal Test 301)   Masonry Prism Compressive Strength, 8 inch (ASTM E447)
Soil Sand Equivalent (Cal Test 217)   Fireproofing Density
Soil Soluble Sulfate Content (Cal Test 417)   Soil pH and Resistivity (Cal Test 643)
Soil Chloride Content (Cal Test 422)   Soil Maximum Density/Optimum Moisture (ASTM D1557)