Hospital/Health Care

Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women

The remodeling of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Women’s Acute Care Unit and the Semi-private Room to Private Room Conversion at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns were constructed under different permits, but the coordination of the project’s phases are vital to the hospital’s functionality.  This phasing required 14 partial Certificates of Occupancy, each being a critical path toward the start of the next phase.

Christian Wheeler Engineering  provided special inspection and testing of the field welding; mechanical anchor installation/torque testing; adhesive anchor installation/pull-testing; and miscellaneous concrete construction, including batch plant inspection.


California Proton Treatment CenterCPTC Aerial 1-30-11

This project completed in 2012, includes the construction of a 98,000 square foot, two-story medical center built to OSHPD standards.  The clinic portion of the facility consists of structural steel framing with reinforced concrete decks and the proton treatment areas consist of mass concrete walls and slabs up to about 14 feet in thickness.

Christian Wheeler Engineering provided special inspection on the field welding of the structural steel, including non-destructive testing, reinforced concrete, concrete fill on metal decks, high strength bolting, and spray-applied fireproofing.  The mass concrete for the proton treatment area required heavyweight aggregates due to the high unit weight specified.