Geotechnical and Geology/Environmental Services

Drilling for Geotechnical Investigation

Drilling for Geotechnical Investigation

Christian Wheeler Engineering provides complete geotechnical and engineering geology services for all types of projects. Our staff of professional geologists and registered geotechnical engineers has extensive experience dealing with the complex geotechnical features in Southern California. We have a wide variety of experience on projects from single-family homes to large residential subdivisions, from individual commercial buildings to large industrial and business park developments, from public works improvements to entertainment parks, and from high rise buildings to educational institutions.


  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Slope monitoring
  • Slope and bluff stability analysis
  • Seismic and liquefaction analysis
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Grading recommendations
  • Soil stabilization and ground improvement recommendations
  • Earthwork observation and testing
  • Site suitability studies including field explorations, engineering analysis and design recommendations for new construction
  • Review or prepare project technical specifications for earthwork and deep foundation systems
  • Special studies of earth movement including subsidence and slope stability
  • Evaluation of existing foundation systems
  • Shallow and deep foundation observations


  • Geological and geophysical investigations
  • Geological reconnaissance
  • Seismic and fault hazard evaluations
  • Geologic hazards evaluation
  • Coastal retreat evalutions
  • Geologic mapping
  • Rippability studies
  • Investigation and design of effluent disposal systems
  • Groundwater studies
  • Hazardous materials evaluation
  • Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA)